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2017 Mighty rows of gray skyscrapers rise up behind still bare trees. It looks as if individual parts of the large building corpus have shot up at different speeds and abruptly stopped growing. An effect that unexpectedly breaks their monotony and at the same time seems to emphasize it. It explains why the vernacular has christened the prefabricated buildings of the large housing estate "Osdorfer Born" in the west of Hamburg "monkey rocks."

Cem and his friends spend most of their time in front of the high-rises, in the stairwells, rapping or wandering through the "blocks." They are young, impulsive, have big desires, but also worries.


"If you grow up here, even if you move away, your path always leads you back to Osdorf." (Osdorf curse). 

Osdorfer Born 

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