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Signe Heldt was born in 1989 in northern Germany. Heldt completed her Bachelor‘s degree in Photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany. In spring '21, she graduated as a photo editor from Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin. Today, she works as a picture editor for DER SPIEGEL, as well as a freelance photographer in her chosen home of Hamburg. 


2021 | Graduation picture editing class, Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin 


2021 | Annual Photography Awards (APA), Photojournalism, Honorable Mention

2020 | Neutral Density Photography Award (ND Awards), Editorial: daily life category, Winner, Gold

2020 | Photo Annual Award, student category, Winner 

2020 | Kassel Dummy Award, Shortlist

2020 | Athens Photo Festival, Shortlist

2020 | Der Neue BFF-Förderpreis, art category, Winner, first place


2020 | Bachelor of Arts, Communication Design / Photography, HAW Hamburg, Germany


2019 | Georg Koppmann Preis für Hamburger Stadtfotografie, Shortlist​

2019 | Karl Ditze Preis, magazine category, "nicht jetzt! #7"

2019 | ADC Award Silver Nail, group project and self published magazine category, "nicht jetzt! #7"


07/2021 | Group exhibition, "20 aus 20", designxport, Hamburg, Germany

06/2021 | Group exhibition, "Home and Identity", as part of the f2 photo festival 2021, KA!SERN, Dortmund, Germany

10/2020 | Istanbul Photobook Festival, group exhibition, as part of the Kassel Dummy Award 2020, NOKS Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey

10/2020 | Fotograf Festival Praha, group exhibition, as part of the Kassel Dummy Award 2020, Pool Café, Prague, Czech Republic

10/2020 | "Ausgezeichnet!" group exhibition, Der Neue BFF-Förderpreis 2020, Zingst, Germany

09/2020 | "Organvida", group exhibition, as part of the Kassel Dummy Award 2020, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

05/2020 | "Call me #5", group exhibition, Hamburg, Germany 


03/2019 | "Der Apfel fällt", group exhibition, Frappant Gallerie, Hamburg, Germany


06/2018 | "Home", group exhibition, Triennale der Photographie, Hamburg, Germany 


11/2017 | Print Photobook Festival, group exhibition, Galeria Skala, Posen, Poland


"Unser Zuhause im Wandel?", TWIST: The Culture Magazine, show from 29/01/2023 on ARTE

"Hamburg-Steilshoop: Diese besondere Nähe", ZEITmagazin Nr. 20/2021

"OKS-lab fragt... Linn Schröder", OKS-lab, Blog of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie

"Ein schönes Bild – Teil 2", OKS-lab, Blog of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie

"Der neue BFF-Förderpreis: Preisträgerinnen & Finalist:innen 2020", BFF

"Cem, einer von den Affenfelsen", Fink Hamburg

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